Yes, please refer to prices or latest news for current offers for block bookings
I would kindly ask for 24 hours notice where possible
Yes they are available for all treatments and courses
Prior to treatment, a full consultation will be carried out (either by telephone prior to your appointment date or face to face on the day) This includes lifestyle and health questions.

This will help to establish if there are any reasons why treatment should not be done. If you are in any doubt, please seek confirmation from a medical professional prior to treatment.

Reflexologists do not claim to diagnose or cure and therefore reflexology is not intended as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you are suffering from undiagnosed illness or pain, please contact your GP prior to making an appointment.
Anything you feel comfortable in
Yes, usually massage is performed directly on the skin, clothes are removed down to underwear in private. You will then be covered by towels so that only the area being massaged is exposed. If you have any worries or concerns please do not hesitate to talk to Kate first.
Many people fall asleep due to the extremely relaxing nature of the treatments – this is fine and in some cases actually aids the benefits of having a treatment
The pressure used is adapted to the individuals needs/taste but should never be painful
Yes, please contact Kate to discuss your requirements
Whilst class fees are non-refundable, you can join a class at a later date to catch up
No, the classes are designed to instruct you how to safely massage/practice baby yoga. Providing that any health conditions are disclosed prior to starting the course and baby is in the correct class for their age group they will be fine.
It is not necessary to purchase your own mat but depending on the floors you may decide to as baby will be lying down on the floor so it needs to be comfy! A changing mat is a good alternative.
As much or as little as you like, the most important thing is that baby is in the right behavioural state to get the most out of it (you will be taught about this on the course)
Yes, providing that they have no ongoing health conditions, in which case you should refer to your GP or Heath Visitor prior to booking or contact Kate first in order to establish if this is necessary
Yes, but only one parent/care giver should actually give the massage. The other is welcome to come along and watch and learn.
Twins and multiples are welcome to attend, it will be down to the parent/care giver to decide whether they want to bring someone to help them or whether they want to ‘alternate’ babies.

Please call 07834 269217 or click the CONTACT button to get in touch

If there is anything that you are unsure of or would like further information